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Since SST foundation, strategy has been the core of our business. We work with companies from all sectors to develop strategies that generate distinctive results. If you need to seize immediate opportunities, minimizing costs. We focus on practical and immediate solutions.

In addition, we are able to lead you to digital leadership, improve your chances of success through an integrated, field-tested approach, ranging from strategy definition, commercial and operational due diligence to integration support, and we also ensure that our organization is an enabler of your strategy.

Our customers come to us to optimize their portfolio strategies, outline growth scenarios, improve program sustainability and product cost competitiveness, transform operational performance and increase their customer portfolio.

Sea Sky Technologies history

SeaSky Milestones from 1998 to present

Core values

Be honest, transparent and authentic

we encourage creativity and friendly competition to find the best and fastest solutions

we are here for the long haul building a sustainable partnership with our clients and tech vendors 

because sharing the tasks multiplies the success. 1 + 1 = 3 


Focus on customer success: we win when our clients gain value and get protected

Integrity: between making profit and do the right thing – we do the right thing first 

Innovation: always ahead of the game. Someone else will do otherwise